Koza Han Information

Koza Han

Bursa's heart has been pounding in The Market for centuries; and Koza Han had always been the most precious pearl of the market. Even if it has lost its previous importance Koza Han still tries to liven Bursa up with its new functions. Like all he other inns Koza Han had changed ist function recently. The places of the silk merchants of the past have now become a place where we sit and enjoy small talk over tea.

This authentic location and resting under hundreds of years of old oak tress and having a little chat has become an attraction for the people of Bursa.

Koza Han; the most beautiful and mightiest of all. The word inn for most of us is almost synonymous with Koza Han. Koza Han, the flower of the market has been a location where merchants from all over the world meet for centuries. It is still one of the first stops of silk merchants even there is longer a silk Exchange market.